This is a breakthrough in the world of household chemicals, since just one jar can replace many cleaning and cleaning products. Ideally cleans the surface, whitens and removes stains.
Universal "CHARIVNA PASTA" Effect, 500 g
Universal "Charvna Paste" Effect cleans and degreases, removes mineral deposits, deposits from soap and cosmetics, stains from fruits, vegetables, coffee, tea, stubborn dirt on shoes, grease deposits…
price: 135 UAH
Універсальна "ЧАРІВНА ПАСТА" Effect, 500 мл (шоу-бокс)
Ваш дім сяятиме чистотою з універсальною миючою пастою Effect! Завдяки унікальному складу природних компонентів, цей чудовий засіб допоможе впоратись зі складними забрудненнями на будь-якій п…
price: 810 UAH
Series "Effect Gold"
Premium range of bathroom care products -
more powerful formula, reinforced atomizer and bottle.
Means are made mainly from natural ingredients, in addition, they have disinfecting properties, which is so necessary to maintain cleanliness and hygiene.
Means for the care of chrome surfaces "Effect Gold"
Concentrated heart to take care of chrome-plated surfaces and preserve their original brilliance "Effect Gold". This tool is quite easy and delicate, completely without scratching the surface, r…
price: 400 UAH
Universal remedy for care of bathrooms "Effect Gold", with a spray
Universal concentrated tool for bathrooms from the professional series "Effect Gold". It is with its help that you can easily clean every centimeter of your bathroom: eliminates limescale, water s…
price: 115 UAH
"Effect Gold" shower sprayer with sprayer
Concentrated tool for showers from the professional Effect Gold series! Easily dissolves and gently removes water stains, soap residue, limescale and dirt. Protects chrome parts, gives them shine …
price: 105 UAH
Series of bathrooms care
A bathroom, like any other room in the living quarters, is needed in regular cleaning, including moist mopping. In order for cleaning in a bathroom is not lingered on use professional tools of series SVOD “Effect”
They say that the bathroom is like a schoolboy’s copy-book, reflects the owner's face. Therefore, any mistress tries to keep coziness, convenience and clean of the room.
Toilet cleaners and disinfectants
Good conscientious owners of plumbing always shine with cleanliness. The Effect means for cleaning and disinfection of toilets will help to support it. Suitable for all types of surfaces: toilets, bidets, bins, etc. However, sometimes, with a rare preventive cleaning under the rim and on the walls of the toilet, calcareous deposits and urinary stones begin to form. This problem is not the most pleasant, but solved. SVOD Effect will help you in the fight against pollution!
Effect cleaner for cleaning and disinfecting toilets, without chlorine
CHLORINE-FREE, multi-purpose disinfectant cleaner that removes 99.99% of germs. Suitable for all types of surfaces: toilets, bidets, bins, etc. It also eliminates odors and leaves a pleasant aroma. E…
price: 115 UAH
SVOD Effect for removing water stone
Like all plumbing fixtures in your bathroom, the toilet also needs proper care. After all, everyone knows that disease prevention is much cheaper than delayed treatment. So is the case with plumbing:…
price: 56 UAH
Средство «СВОД-Еффект» для удаления водного камня (600 г)
Как и вся сантехника вашей ванной комнаты, унитаз также нуждается в соответствующем уходе. Ведь всем известно, что профилактика заболевания намного дешевле обходится, нежели запоздалое лечение. Так и…
price: 165 UAH
So, the main components of the perfect bathroom ...
Crystal clear washbasin. In order for your wash basin is always clean and shining, you need to wipe it with a sponge using a universal agents for care for bathrooms every day. Thus, you will get rid of the water drops, soap stains, traces of toothpaste. Also you should see to that the crane is always closed tightly. If one drop will fall from the crane every hour, after a short time you will face a new problem which is a yellow spot, to cope with that will be much harder.
Attention should be paid and the mixer. It accumulates a large number of bacteria which can be caused a fungus. People advise the mixer should wipe one a day to provide dryness, but it should be cleaned with The agent for care for chrome surfaces once a week. This tool is easy not scratching the surface, removes lime scale. In addition, there is an unseeable nonwettable film on the surface, which protects the surface and gives it shining luster to secure the result.
Bath or shower room. The largest and the main subject of any bathroom is itself a bath or shower room. Even if you constantly rinse out your bath, this is not enough. It keeps unseeable stains, barely visible traces of soap, shampoos, and shower gels. Besides, there are a lot of bacteria on it which are not washed only with water. So, a bath or shower should be washed with special agents every week. If the bath or shower bath tray are acrylic use The agent for care for acrylic baths. This tool delicately and easily removes lime scale, water spots, and dirt, fat and soap remainders, not scratching the surface completely (the bath will not discolor to yellow if you regular use the agent "Effect" during all service life). Glass of shower room perfectly cleans The agent for care for shower room.
Do not forget about the tiles above a bath. Universal agent for care for bathrooms is an excellent solution for cleaning, care and disinfection.
Enjoy your cleaning in your house!
Research and Design Institute (R&D Institute) ““Water-purifying technologies”, Ukraine.
The company is made a specialty out of development and production agents in the area of water conditioning and purification. A friendly personnel is worked on tasks at hand. The staff consists of one hundred and fifty professionals of different specialities. There are modern laboratories, a development laboratory, research centre, innovation department and service in the technological infrastructure of the institute. According to demands DSTU (State Standards of Ukraine) ISO 9001-2001 it has been introduced quality management system at the company. Over the years the Institute has approved himself as reliable producer of qualitative modern products which are in charge of ecological standard. The activity of “Water-purifying technologies” is marked by many rewards of which is prize of rating “100 the best companies of Ukraine” in nomination of “Industrial ecology, conservation of energy and resource conservation”. Specialists of Institute have used experience which they have got in the performance of tasks of commercial scale when they have been creating household seria “SVOD”. That is why our filters are differed improved reliability and improved ability.
Trading house «SVOD»
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